The Strange Little Cat: Original Kafkian Middle-Class Study

The German representative in this year's Great 5 program is Ramon Zürcher's debut The Strange Little Cat. Critics immediately compared this minimalist film with the works of masters like Jacques Tati, Robert Bresson and Chantal Akerman, dubbing him 'a brave new hope'.

Conceived during the seminar conducted by Béla Tarr and inspired by Kafka's Metamorphosis, The Strange Little Cat is one of those films you have the need to see once again.

Zürcher, who started his career as visual artist, created a sophisticated study about middle class, manifesting mastership in the process – a rare case among debutant feature films.

The Strange Little Cat screens today (Thursday) at 19:00 in Cinema Tuškanac and on Friday at 21:00 in the Museum of Contemporary Art.