Zagreb Premiere of 'Vis-à-Vis' - a New Film by Nevio Marasović!

In the feature competition program of the 11th Zagreb Film Festival, Croatian cinema is represented by Nevio Marasović's Vis-à-Vis. The film will have its Zagreb premiere in Cinema Europa today at 22.00.

Croatian audience knows Nevio Marasović by his low-budget disaster film The Show Must Go On (2010) that won him Golden Arenas for Best Script and Best Special Effects, Breza Award for Best Debutant and Oktavijan Award at Pula Film Festival. This time, Marasović has come up with yet another film untypical for Croatian cinema.

Vis-à-Vis is a metafilm about making a film, with numerous (auto)biographic details largely relying on the improvised interplay of two excellent lead actors: Janko Popović Volarić and Rakan Rushaidat.

The very interesting script was co-written by Marasović, Rushaidat and Popović Volarić. The rest of the cast, comprising of Krešimir Mikić and Darija Lorenci Flatz, is also a great asset to the film.

Vis-à-vis can be seen today (Tuesday) at 13.00 in Cinema Tuškanac and at 22.00 in Cinema Europa and on Wednesday at 17.00 in Cinema Europa. After the tonight's screening (at 22.00) you will have a chance to talk to the film crew in the Press Center in Cinema Europa.