Side program | The Great 5

It is our pleasure to present you this year's selection of films in the Great 5 program that provides an insight into the five most important European cinematographies. France is represented by the famous director Asghar Farhadi and his awarded film The Past that tackles disintegration of a marriage and family intrigues. From Italy we have Street In Palermo by Emma Dante, which won Best Lead Actress Award in Venice recently. British Sightseers, a film of Ben Weathley, has already acquired an iconic status among the audience. This time, Germany is represented with Ramon Zürcher's minimalist debut, The Strange Little Cat. From Spain comes 15 Years And One Day by Gracia Querejeta. The acclaimed Spanish actress Maribel Verdú appears in it.

All these films have contributed to festival programs around the world with their impressive style and have achieved excellent results at box offices.

For years, The Great 5 program has been supported by our partners and friends from the European Union National Institutes for Culture – Croatia (EUNIC Croatia).

Lana Ujdur, Producer of Zagreb Film Festival

Lana Ujdur, producentica Zagreb Film Festivala

Ben Wheatley, UK, 2012
Asghar Farhadi, France, Italy, 2013
Gracia Querejeta, Spain, 2013
Emma Dante, Italy, Switzerland, France, 2013
Ramon Zürcher, Germany, 2013

Program The Great Five is organized in collaboration with EUNIC network.

Film program is subject to change without notice.