It’s Like This Isn’t You / Ko da to nisi ti
Ivan Sikavica, Croatia, 2013
Directed by: Ivan Sikavica
Script: Ivan Sikavica
Producer: Morana Komljenović
Production company: Fade In, Zagreb film
Cinematography: Danko Vučinović
Editing: Nina Velnić
Cast: Irena Tereza Prpić, Matija Čigir, Marina Redžepović, Zvonimir Jurić
Format: HD
Running time: 29'

Imagination can take you so much further than reality.

Directors Biography
Ivan Sikavica graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Political Science and is now about to complete the graduate program of Film Directing at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts. Filmography: 'Špansko a Continent' (2010), 'The Son' (2012), 'Babysitter' (2012, Special Mention at last year’s Zagreb Film Festival).

Location and screening schedule: CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Wednesday, October 23rd at 23.00