Bandits / Les Brigands
Antoine Giorgini, France, 2012
Directed by: Antoine Giorgini
Script: Antoine Giorgini
Producer: Marie Dubas, Jean des Forêts
Production company: Petit Film
Cinematography: Julia Mingo
Editing: Cyril Slobodzian
Music: Richard Rosefort
Cast: Hugo Six, Alexis Delporte, Laurent Paillo
Format: HD
Running time: 16'

After having committed robberies on the parking of a supermarket, Jimmy and Limo, two young thugs, take shelter in a forest to escape their pursuers. On their way, they meet a wounded boar. Jimmy decides to save the animal.

Awards and Festivals
Film Festival della Lessinia 2013
Warsaw Film Festival 2013

Directors Biography
Antoine Giorgini studied at the INRACI Film School in Belgium, where he began making his first shorts. He worked as a screenwriter for numerous film projects. In 2012 he shot 'Bandits'.

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Tuesday, October 22nd at 10.30
CINEMA EUROPA, Tuesday, October 22nd at 19.30