The Captain and His Pirate / Der Kapitän und Sein Pirat
Andy Wolff, Germany, Belgium, 2012
Directed by: Andy Wolff
Script: Andy Wolff
Producer: Andy Wolff, Stefanie Brockhaus
Production company: Brockhaus/Wolff, Man’s Films Production
Cinematography: Andy Wolff, Tobias Tempel, Yusuf Guul
Editing: Ulrike Tortora, Michèle Hubinon
Music: Sebastian Zenke
Format: HD
Running time: 87'

In 2009, the German container ship ‘Hansa Stavangar’ was seized by Somali pirates for four months. After its release, magazine covers showed a captain happy to have escaped the barbarian terror. This film shows the deeper layers, the invisible story behind the headlines, recounted from two protagonists’ points of view: The pirate leader, Ahado, an eloquent, intelligent young man, and the captain, Krysztof Kotiuk. The former, who grew up amidst mortar shelling in Mogadishu, expecting to die at any moment, has nothing to lose. The latter will be left with nothing in the end. When weeks pass with no help from Germany, the captain decides to approach his opponent in a desperate attempt to save his crew. When both crew and company turn their backs on him, Ahado becomes his only confidant.

Awards and Festivals
DOK Leipzig 2012 – Prize of the Youth Jury
Munich International Documentary Festival 2013 – FFF Award
Max Ophüls Festival Saarbrücken 2013 – DEFA Award
Millenium International Documentary Film Festival Brussels 2013 – Special Award of the Jury, Most Original Film

Directors Biography
Andy Wolff studied at USC's graduate School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. His first short films 'Son Lost' and 'One Way or the Other' were shown at international film festivals. 2007 he continued his film studies at Munich’s University of Television and Film (HFF). 'The Captain and His Pirate' is his feature debut.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB PUPPET THEATER, Thursday, October 24th at 22.00