Voyage to the End of the Universe / Ikarie XB-1
Jindřich Polák, Czechoslovakia, 1963
Directed by: Jindřich Polák
Script: Jindřich Polák, Pavel Juráček, Stanislaw Lem
Producer: Rudolf Wohl
Production company: Filmové studio Barrandov
Cinematography: Jan Kališ
Editing: Josef Dobřichovský
Music: Zdeněk Liška
Cast: Zdeněk Štěpánek, Frantisek Smolík, Radovan Lukavský, Dana Medrická, Irena Kacírková, Otto Lackovič, Jozef Adamovič
Format: video
Running time: 83'

In the year 2163 the starship Ikarie XB-1 is sent to the mysterious White Planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri. Travelling at near-light speed, the journey takes around 28 months for the astronauts, although the effects of relativity mean that 15 years will have elapsed on Earth by the time they reach their destination. During the flight the 40-strong multinational crew must adjust to life in space, as well as dealing with various hazards they encounter, including a derelict 20th century spaceship armed with nuclear weapons, a deadly radioactive ‘dark star’ and the mental breakdown of one of the crew, who threatens to destroy the spacecraft.

Directors Biography
Jindřich Polák (1925–2003) was a Czech film and TV director. Although best known by science-fiction films, he also worked in many other genres. He started his career as assistant director. Later he directed numerous feature-length films and TV serials. His best known serials include 'Pau Tau', 'Lucy the Menace of Street' and 'The Visitors'. The SF films he made are 'Clown Ferdinand' and a Rocket' and 'Voyage to the End of the Universe'.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB DANCE CENTER, Wednesday, October 23rd at 19.00