The Secret of an Old Attic / Tajna starog tavana
Vladimir Tadej, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, 1984
Directed by: Vladimir Tadej
Script: Vladimir Tadej
Production company: Croatia Film, Filmové Studio Gottwaldov/Zlin
Cinematography: Jiří Kolín
Editing: Žana Gerova
Music: Arsen Dedić
Cast: Mario Mirković, Špiro Guberina, Boris Dvornik, Mia Oremović, Rene Bitorajac, Jan Kanyza, Miloš Kopecky, Petar Jelaska, Edo Peročević, Jiri Guriča, Nina Petrović
Format: DCP
Running time: 101'

The film is also part of Bib for Kids program.

Two boys, Miro from Zagreb and Pepek from Prague, are amateur radio operators. They are spending their summer holidays at Miro's aunt on the island of Hvar. In the dusty attic of the aunt's house they find a strange pistol made by Miro's grand-grandfather, an absent-minded inventor. They find out that the pistol is, in fact, an anti-gravity device that deprives objects of the gravity and launches them into space. The boys turn the pistol on and start sending things into space, causing mayhem. An international spy organization tries to get hold of the powerful weapon. They abduct the boys and police can do nothing about it.

Directors Biography
Vladimir Tadej is a doyen of Croatian and Yugoslav set design. His numerous works include 'The Flag' (1949), 'Bakonja fra Brne' (1950), 'The Jubilee of Mr. Ikel' (1955) and 'Three Anas'. His most acclaimed directorial successes include children's films like 'Pero Kvržica's Band', 'The Daredevil's Time' and 'The Secret of the Old Attic'. He also directed 'A Symposium' (1988) – an interesting experimental film criticizing the bureaucratic mentality – and TV series 'Hockey Players' (1988) and 'The Canyon of Dangerous Games' (1998).

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA EUROPA, Friday, October 25th at 12.00
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Friday, October 25th at 17.00
ZAGREB DANCE CENTER, Friday, October 25th at 18.00