20th-27th October 2013


For more than a decade now, Zagreb Film Festival has been presenting the latest and most interesting debutant auteur films! For the eleventh time, from 20-27 October this year, the festival will offer more than one hundred films from all over the world, divided in ten different programs.

The festival will take place on several locations. This year we introduced state-of-the-art digital screening equipment in Europa, Tuškanac and MSU Cinemas. Screenings will also take place in the Zagreb Dance Center and, for the first time, in a new, charming venue – Zagreb Puppet Theater. For a week, Croatia's central puppet theater will turn into an attractive movie theater, offering the best first and second documentary films of authors from all over the world.

As usually, the main program will offer feature-length and short fiction films and documentaries. Checkers program will present the latest Croatian short film production.

As in previous years, ZFF has a few regular side programs: this year, My First Film (selector: Nenad Polimac) is focused on Poland and presents five debutant films of brilliant Polish authors like Krzysztof Kieślowski, Andrzej Wajda and Roman Polanski. Bib for Kids will once again entertain children with miraculous cinematic adventures and the exceptionally popular Great 5 program will treat us to new films from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

In addition to the above mentioned programs, the 11th Zagreb Film Festival brings along some new programs: Inspired by True Events, East European SF, Queer Re-creation and LUX Film Day! We should not forget to mention here the exceptionally attractive educational program Industry and the usual numerous side events.

The general sponsor of the festival is Hrvatski Telekom. The festival is also financially supported by the Zagreb City Office for Culture, Croatian Audiovisual Center and MEDIA Program.

The festival is organized by the Zagreb Film Festival Artistic Organization.


Dear friends,

The 11th edition of Zagreb Film Festival is just around the corner. The entire ZFF crew has been working hard in the past year and has prepared a varied film program and educational activities for the eight days of the festival. Some one hundred films from all over the world will be shown in ten programs. Like every year, the program of the films competing for Golden Pram Award will be accompanied by some new, interesting programs. Details about them can be found on the pages of this catalogue. For the second year in a row, My First Script Workshop will be taking place. Another asset of the educational part of the festival is Multi-Platform & Marketing Business School. Some other workshops and presentations will also take place. All in all, as every year, we will add some new programs to our regular offer.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of our co-financiers, partners and sponsors and I wish that our guests and film-loving audience enjoy the eight days of the festival.

Boris T. Matić, Director of Zagreb Film Festival

Dear artists and film lovers!

It gives me great pleasure to warmly greet all the participants, guests and audience of Zagreb Film Festival which, to the satisfaction of the people of Zagreb and cultural public in general, will have its eleventh edition this year. Welcome to Zagreb, welcome to Croatia!

Once again, Zagreb Film Festival will present the most interesting debutant auteur films, giving us an opportunity to see more than a hundred films from all over the world, divided in ten programs. As usually, the main program offers feature-length and short fiction films and documentaries and Checkers presents the latest Croatian short-film production. Side programs such as My First Film and Great 5 also include many new, interesting films.

Experience, positive reviews and satisfied audiences indicate that Zagreb Film Festival, with its program, concept, genres, filmmakers' poetics and audience turnout, has become the leading film festival in Croatia and in the region, to the satisfaction of numerous film lovers and all the people of Zagreb who can enjoy in watching the latest and best films. As of this year, state-of-the-art digital projection equipment will be used for the screenings in digitalized cinemas Europa, Tuškanac and MSU. Screenings will also take place in the Zagreb Dance Center and, for the first time, Zagreb Puppet Theater.

I would like to express my gratitude to all Croatian and international filmmakers and production companies who will turn Zagreb into Croatian and European film capital in late October!

I wish all the festival participants a pleasant stay in Zagreb – a city of culture and art! 

Milan Bandić Mayor of Zagreb



Europe loves European Festivals

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MEDIA is pleased to support the 11th edition of the Zagreb Film Festival and we extend our best wishes to all of the festival goers for an enjoyable and stimulating event.


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