Day Six: Presentation of Awards and Premiere of Multi-Awarded Circles!

Saturday is reserved for the grand finale of Bib for Kids at 11:00 and the short FILMCLUB films from Great Britain!


Continuing our afternoon program in Cinema Europa, we will be showing the reruns of two European hits: Salvo by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, the winner of the main award of the Critics' Week in Cannes (at 15:00) and British film Shell, the directorial debut of Scott Graham (at 17:00).


The 19:00 and 21:00 screenings in the Museum of Contemporary Art are reserved, respectively, for In Bloom by Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Groβ (the winner of Best Film and Best Actress Awards at Sarajevo Film Festival 2013) and Italian film A Street In Palermo (the debut of the acclaimed theater director Emma Dante).


Saturday in Cinema Tuškanac includes documentary films from the main program. The issue of living with breast cancer is tackled in Marko Stanić's film See You In One Year, screening at 11:00. The Unbelievers, a film about two acclaimed scientists – Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss – who promote the importance of science and mind in the modern world and criticize the political and religious approach to global issues in their public appearances around the world, plays at 13:00.

At 15:00, the visitors will have an opportunity to see The Manor, a great documentary by this year's guest of the festival, Shawney Cohen. As a striptease club manager, he spent three years filming the dark world of strippers, drugs and family squabbles. Then follow the shocking The Kill Team by Dan Krauss, about the war crimes committed by U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and Smash And Grab: The Story Of The Pink Panthers. Its director, Havana Marking, talked with some of these most successful jewel thieves in the world "who grew up in the environment of great corruption" after the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The 21:00 screening in Tuškanac is reserved for the winning film of the international feature program of this year's ZFF.


The festival officially closes with the award-presentation ceremony in Cinema Europa at 20:00. At the ceremony, the jury members will proclaim the best films of the 11th Zagreb Film Festival. The ceremony will be followed by the premiere of the multi-awarded film Circles by Srdan Golubović. Its director Srdan Golubović, writers Srđan Koljević and Melina Pota Koljević, director of photography Aleksandar Ilić and actor Leon Lučev will attend the screening.


The evening in Cinema Europa ends with the final Jameson Film Party.