Mostra's Best Actress Elena Cotta to Present Her Film A Street in Palermo!

The night program in Cinema Tuškanac starts at 19:00 with the eagerly awaited film of the Italian debutant film director and acclaimed theater director Emma DanteA Street In Palermo, that offers an interesting insight into the close-knit Sicilian society and the fight between the traditional and liberal values taking place in it.

A Street In Palermo is a modern version of the old story about two stubborn rams that evokes the epic Spaghetti western showdowns.

The film will be announced by the festival guest Elena Cotta, who won Coppa Volpi Best Actress Award at this year's Mostra in Venice for her role in it. After the screening, the actress will talk to the audience in the small auditorium of Cinema Tuškanac.

Cotta, who has had a long career on stage, plays a stubborn, traditional Sicilian woman in A Street In Palermo.