Family drama '15 Years And One Day' with Excellent Maribel Verdú in Great 5 Program

Today's treat in Great 5, one of the favorite ZFF programs that presents the five most important European cinematographies, is the Spanish film 15 Years And One Day.

This family drama about the conflict of three generations has recently become the Spanish candidate for the Oscar for Best Film in Foreign Language. This film marks the veteran TV film director Gracia Querejeta's comeback to the silver screen. Having found her inspiration in her own maternal experience, Querejeta has made a sincere and moving film that provides a deep insight into the hardships of growing up, for both the child and the parent.

The cast achieved outstanding performance excellently under her baton. Young debutant Arón Piper is excellent in the role of 'Son' and always brilliant Maribel Verdú, a Spanish star of international luster, excels as 'Mother' who is fighting to ensure a better life for her child.

15 Years And One Day screens in Cinema Tuškanac on Tuesday at 19.00 and in the Museum of Contemporary Art on Wednesday at 21.00.