Albert Kapović Annual Award Presentation 


The Explanation of this Year's Albert Kapović Award 

The willingness to take creative and business risks, self-confidence and effectively directed diligence are essential qualities of a good producer. If experience, positive energy, persistence, openness to new ideas and young authors and teaching at the Production Department of the ADU are added to the above, all this precisely describes this year's winner of Albert Kapović Award for exceptional contribution to Croatian film production. The Mysterious Boy, Koko And The Ghosts, Mother Of Asphalt, Daddy, Blacks, The Lika Cinema. Numerous debutants. Renaissance of children's film. All this indicates that this year's award will end up in right hands. And yes – Ankica Jurić Tilić truly loves and understands film production. 

Vedran Mihletić, President of the Albert Kapović Award Presentation Board Croatian Producers' Association

Photo: Albert Kapović

Ankica Jurić Tilić was born in 1965. She studied comparative literature and graduated at the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She attended and graduated EAVE program 2007. She has been working in film and television production for 20 years. She has produced more than 10 features, several TV series, documentaries and short films. She started her own production company Kinorama in 2003. In last 3 years, Kinorama produced 4 feature films (2 of them international co-productions) and 6 shorts. Her films are often presented and awarded at international and Croatian film festivals and her projects in development at production markets all over Europe. She was the head of the Croatian Association of Producers and member of the Film Artists' Association of Croatia.


Filmography (as a producer)

Hush... (2013), directed by: Lukas Nola
feature film

The Mysterious Boy (2013), directed by: Dražen Žarković
feature film

Sunday Morning, Saturday Evening (2012), directed by: Predrag Ličina
TV series

From To (2012), directed by: Miranda Herceg
experimental film

Practical Guide to Belgrade With Singing and Crying (2011), co-producer, directed by: Bojan Vuletić
feature film

Daddy (2011), directed by: Dalibor Matanić
feature film

Koko and the Ghosts (2011), directed by: Daniel Kusan
feature film

Mezzanine (2011), directed by: Dalibor Matanić
short fiction

Mother of Asphalt (2010), directed by: Dalibor Matanić
feature film

Forest Creatures (2010), directed by: Ivan-Goran Vitez
feature film

Blacks (2009), directed by: Goran Dević, Zvonimir Jurić
feature film

Party (2009), directed by: Dalibor Matanić
short feature film

First of All, Felicia (2009) – co-producer, directed by: Razvan Radulescu, Melissa de Raaf
feature film