Autumn Leaves / Höstminnen
Jean-Pascal Strüwer, Sweden, 2012
Directed by: Jean-Pascal Strüwer
Script: Jean-Pascal Strüwer
Producer: Peter Gustafsson
Production company: Polyester Film Stockholm
Cinematography: Paul Evans
Editing: Jean- Pascal Strüwer, Paul Evans
Music: Fredrik Möller
Cast: Torkel Petterson, Lars Lind, Anita Wall, Livia Millhagen
Format: DCP
Running time: 12'

With tears streaming down his cheeks, a man stands staring out at the view from Katarinavägen in Stockholm. A family walks past, each of them with sorrow in their eyes. Who are they? The short film Autumn Leaves is about what has been and what is, about living with a grief that never goes away.

Awards and Festivals
Göteborg International Film Festival 2012
Kyiv International Film Festival 2012

Directors Biography
Jean-Pascal Strüwer was born in 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden. Being the son of an artist, he grew up with art, music and
film. Strüwer studied at the Department of Cinema Studies at the Stockholm University in Sweden. He worked as Assistant Director at The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm. Also worked on several feature films as Second Assistant Director. Strüwer has directed documentaries, skateboarding films, music videos, commercials and art films. 'Autumn Leaves' is Jean-Pascal Strüwer’s directorial debut.

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Friday, October 25th at 13.00
CINEMA EUROPA, Friday, October 25th at 22.00