Ashley Pegg, UK, 2013
Directed by: Ashley Pegg
Script: Sarah Woolner
Producer: Ashley Pegg, Ajay Rai
Production company: Warren Films
Cinematography: Chloë Thomson
Editing: Bálint Tusor
Cast: Neal Barry, Joanne Adams, Oliver Parsons, Jessica Plummer, Simon Chadwick
Format: video
Running time: 12'

When Mark’s son is badly attacked on the bus, he wants to go and sort them out. But when he discovers it is a girl, he is stopped in his tracks. Instead of a prosecution, the family is persuaded by the police to deal with the incident through a truth and reconciliation process, where the offender apologizes to the victim. Trouble is, Mark is prone to a spot of bullying himself, and by meeting his son’s attacker he has to see some difficult truths – and it doesn’t look good.

Directors Biography
After studying History of Art and working as a journalist, Ashley Pegg went on to complete an MA at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK. He is passionate about the power of film to entertain, move audiences and heighten awareness, and dedicated the craft of storytelling to achieve this. He was shortlisted for a Grierson Award in 2013.

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Wednesday, October 23rd at 10.30
CINEMA EUROPA, Wednesday, October 23rd at 19.30