My Kith and Kin / Doğma ocaq
Rodion Ismailov, Azerbaijan, Russia, 2013
Directed by: Rodion Ismailov
Script: Rodion Ismailov
Producer: Rodion Ismailov, Svetlana Dalskaya, Elchin Musaoglu, Khagani Gashimov
Production company: DC Film, Sinema Evi
Cinematography: Mikhail Gorobchuk
Editing: Svetlana Lyadvina, Alla Davydova
Music: Vladimir Kuptsov
Format: video
Running time: 63'

Lolita is a child of two cultures, as her mother is Russian and her father is Azeri. This is a lyrical and breathtaking story about a girl who goes to Azerbaijan for the very first time to meet her father’s parents. She wants to find out as much as she can about the traditions, culture and customs of her Azeri relatives. Her first encounter with Azerbaijan is the main theme of this documentary film.

Awards and Festivals
Russian Anthropological Film Festival 2013 – Best Anthropology Film
Visions du Réel 2013
Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

Directors Biography
Rodion Ismailov was born in Azerbaijan. In 1998, he obtained his degree in Film Directing from the Department of Cinematography and Television of the Saint Petersburg State University. Ismailov founded Deboshir Film Studio in 1997. From 2000 to 2005 he was the president of Saint Petersburg-based Independent Cinema Fund. Since 2009 he has worked as director and producer in DC Film production company.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB PUPPET THEATER, Friday, October 25th at 20.00