Goran's Way / Goranov Wimbledon
Leon Rizmaul, Croatia, 2013
Directed by: Leon Rizmaul
Script: Leon Rizmaul
Producer: Sunčana Hrvatin-Kunić, Leon Rizmaul
Production company: Hrvatska radiotelevizija
Cinematography: Mario Britvić
Editing: Iva Blašković, Mislav Šćukanec-Rezniček
Music: Miro Odak
Format: HD
Running time: 57'

Where were you when Goran Ivanišević won Wimbledon? Although twelve years have passed, it is incredible how many people vividly remember that summer day. All of us have our different answers to this question. The reminiscences of John McEnroe, Patrick Rafter, Tim Henman, Srđan and Goran Ivanišević and other lucky dogs who watched the match on Central Court that Monday will help us go through that day again. It is a story about persistence and Goran's spite. A story about the success of a man who seemed predestined to fail.

Directors Biography
Leon Rizmaul was born in 1972. He works in the Documentary Department of Croatian Radio-television. He has made more than 1,500 short pieces for 'TV Kalendar' program. Besides, numerous reportages and pieces for other departments, he directed 'Vukovar of My Youth' (2012).

Location and screening schedule:
ZAGREB PUPPET THEATER, Thursday, October 24th at 20.00
CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Sunday, October 27th at 11.00