Basil Dearden, UK, 1961
Directed by: Basil Dearden
Script: Janet Green, John McCormick
Producer: Michael Relph
Production company: Allied Film Makers (AFM)
Cinematography: Otto Heller
Editing: John D. Guthridge
Music: Philip Green
Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Dennis Price, Nigel Stock, Peter McEnery, Donald Churchill
Format: video
Running time: 100'

An extraordinary performance by Dirk Bogarde grounds this intense, sobering indictment of early-sixties social intolerance and sexual puritanism. Bogarde plays Melville Farr, a married barrister who is one of a large group of closeted London men who become targets of a blackmailer. Basil Dearden’s unmistakably political taboo buster was one of the first films to address homophobia head-on, a cry of protest against British laws forbidding homosexuality.

Awards and Festivals
Venice Film Festival 1961

Directors Biography
Basil Dearden (1911–1971) was an English film director. He first began working as a director at Ealing Studios, co-directing comedy films with Will Hay. He directed 'The Captive Heart' (1946) starring Michael Redgrave, that entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival. In later years he became associated with the writer and producer Michael Relph, and the two men made films on subjects generally not tackled by British cinema in this era. In the late 1960s Dearden made some big-scale epics including 'Khartoum' (1966) and the 'The Assassination Bureau' (1969).

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