The Birch Tree / Breza
Ante Babaja, Croatia, 1967
Directed by: Ante Babaja
Script: Ante Babaja, Božidar Violić, Slavko Kolar
Production company: Jadran Film
Cinematography: Tomislav Pinter
Editing: Lida Braniš
Music: Anđelko Klobučar
Cast: Manca Košir, Bata Živojinović, Fabijan Šovagović, Nela Eržišnik, Stane Sever, Martin Sagner
Format: HD
Running time: 91'

Ante Babaja's second feature film, 'The Birch Tree' (1967), is a true classic of Croatian cinema. Having previously made the acclaimed, almost experimental, feature-length film The Emperor's New Clothes (1961) and a series of awarded short fiction films and documentaries, Babaja reached for Slavko Kolar's prose to make 'The Birch Tree'. Using a rarely realistic and multifaceted approach, this adaptation tells us about a sad fate of a girl in the cruel world of the rural areas of Croatia. Tomislav Pinter, probably the best Croatian director of photography, is at his peak in this film and the same can be said for the entire film crew.

Awards and Festivals
Pula Film Festival 1967 – Bronze Arena for Film, Golden Arena for Acting, Golden Arena for Camera

Location and screening schedule: CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Sunday, October 27th at 17.00