My! My! My Little Room! / Moja! Moja! Moja sobica!
Barbara Vekarić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, 2013
Directed by: Barbara Vekarić
Script: Barbara Vekarić
Producer: Dragana Jovanović, Luka Venturin, Dora Nedeczky
Production company: Obala Art Centar
Cinematography: Filip Tot
Editing: Monika Drahotuski
Cast: Ismir Gagula, Ena Kurtalić, Larisa Gagula, Gordana Boban, Izudin Bajrović, Ravijojla Jovančić-Lešić
Format: HD
Running time: 15'

The oldest sister is about to go studying abroad and her younger siblings start fighting about who will move in to her room. Both brother and sister want to move out from the big room that they share with their parents and finally enjoy some privacy.

Awards and Festivals
Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

Location and screening schedule: CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Friday, October 25th at 23.00