Holiday at the Seaside / Godišnji na moru
Cristina Groşan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, 2013
Directed by: Cristina Groşan
Script: Cristina Groşan, Ştefan Statnic
Producer: Dóra Nedeczky, Dragana Jovanović, Luka Venturin
Production company: Obala Art Centar
Cinematography: Ákos Nyoszoli
Editing: Anna Meller
Cast: Mara Purza, Andreea Vasile, Ştefan Statnic, Andreea Lavinia Onuţă
Format: HD
Running time: 16'

Just before leaving for the coast for summer holidays with her parents, 13-year-old Amalia gets her first period. Since her mother is too worried and too restrained at the same time, Amalia decides to take care of the ‘problem’ on her own. Little does she know that it will soon be the least of her problems.

Awards and Festivals
Sarajevo Film Festival 2013 ‒ Atlantic Group Award

Location and screening schedule: CINEMA TUŠKANAC, Friday, October 25th at 23.00