Tom Sawyer and His Friends / Tom und Hacke
Norbert Lechner, Germany, Austria, 2012
Directed by: Norbert Lechner
Script: Rudolf Herfurtner
Producer: Norbert Lechner, Peter Rommel, Markus Schwabenitzky
Production company: Kevin Lee Film, Rommel Film, STAR*Film
Cinematography: Namche Okon
Editing: Manuela Kempf
Music: Martin Unterberger
Cast: Fritz Karl, Franz Buchrieser, FranziskaWeisz, Benedikt Weber, Xaver-Maria Brenner, Julia Forstner
Format: DCP
Running time: 98'

Age: grades 1 to 4
Tom and Huck live in a small town in Bavaria, shortly after the Second World War. After the death of his parents, Tom lives with his aunt Polly who supports them both as a seamstress. While trying to fix his slingshot Tom breaks her sewing machine. But instead of helping her Tom just invents pranks with his best friend Huck. To make the matter worse they become a witness to a murder. Sworn to secrecy, both Tom and Huck are put into a bind because an innocent man is blamed for the death.

Awards and Festivals
Festival GoldenerSpatz 2012 - Best Script Award
Filmfest Munich 2012 – Kinderfilmfest Audience Award
Filmfestival CINEKID 2012
Filmfestival Oulu 2012

Directors Biography
Norbert Lechner is a German director, screenwriter and film producer. His main area were children's and youth films, including an animated film. He graduated Philosophy and Art History. In 1990.he founded the Kevin Lee Film GmbH, a film production company. His feature film 'The Boy Who Looks Gold' was nominated and awarded on many international festivals.

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA EUROPA, Monday, October 21st at 12.00
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Monday, October 21st at 17.00