Forever Yours / Ikuisesti Sinun
Mia Halme, Finland, 2011
Directed by: Mia Halme
Script: Mia Halme
Producer: Sonja Lindén
Production company: Avanton Productions Oy
Cinematography: Peter Flinckenberg
Editing: Samu Heikkilä
Format: video
Running time: 77'

Age: grades 5 to 6
Forever Yours is a film about children who have been taken into custody. Through the children, their biological and foster parents, the film depicts love in everyday life. Forever Yours explores the invisible bond between a child and a biological parent. Even when a child is taken into custody, the yearning for the closeness of the biological parents and their approval never seems to disappear. That longing is a form of loneliness which the foster parents, pressed to the limits of their own capabilities, try to alleviate.

Awards and Festivals
Artova Film Festival 2012 – Best Feature Film
Arctic Heat International Film Festival 2012 - Best Feature Film
Visions du réel 2011 - Grand Prix Best Director (Feature-length)
Jussi Prize 2011 - Best Finnish Documentary

Directors Biography
Mia Halme is a director of creative documentaries. The need for love and finding a family and a home, physical or spiritual one, have been the themes of her films. Halme has graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, department of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design. In addition to directing films she has done documentaries for radio and held documentary workshops for teenagers.

Location and screening schedule:
CINEMA EUROPA, Thursday, October 24th at 12.00
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Thursday, October 24th at 17.00